34 and still going strong!

Hey folks, if you are Briton, a female or male and 34 years of age then beware cause you are gonna get megalomaniacal . And I am dead sure most of you wouldn’t really mind that either. The age of 34 is the time when Britons fork out the most money, a survey has revealed. On top of normal outgoings, you have to find £2,441 to cover the cost of buying property, home improvement, weddings, and babies. Yet more than half Britons have no savings to fund these expenses and that has fuelled the rising consumer debt seen in recent years, according to finance firm Axa. More than a third of people quizzed by researchers said buying a home was the single greatest cause of the most expensive year of their lives, followed by refurbishing it.

Purchasing a new car was also a major outlay. Spokesman Colin Nelson said: “While 34 was on average the most expensive year in life for all Britons, this study demonstrates that people of all ages face peaks in outgoings which see them having to cope with major expense at different times in their lives.” I don’t know how many 34-year-olds repent being their age but I just can’t wait to turn 34!

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