HBOs hit mini series ‘Chernobyl’ is now bringing hordes of Instagrammers to the danger site

HBO’s latest mini-series inspired by the Chernobyl Power Plant disaster of 1986 is creating quite a storm of late. After reportedly crossing popularity margins of previous hits such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, the show has now gone on to inspire flocks of Instagrammers to visit the actual site where the unfortunate incident has occurred.

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Прип‘ять. Наймолодше місто Радянського Союзу. Місто-мрія. Два роки роботи – і в тебе квартира в новобудові. Не у якійсь там хрущовці, а сучасна, з заскленим балконом! А поряд річка, великий магазин, схожий на західні супермаркети, будинок культури, ресторани, кінотеатр, басейн, а для дітей – велика школа та дитсадок… До того ж зарплати хороші, а ще можна путівку в санаторій отримати, бо ти ж на атомній станції працюєш, а це почесно! Але… Трохи брехні + одна помилка – і ця казка лишилася десь в минулому. Нині там, де раніше ступали люди, – господарює природа. Прип‘ять перетворилася з казки в жах, а Чорнобиль став вироком тоталітарному режиму.

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In addition to ranking as IMDB’s top-rated show, HBO’s Chernobyl has spiked the number of tourists and thrill seekers visiting Ukraine and in particular the haunting site near Pripyat. As reported by SoloEast, a leading tour agency operating in the region, there has been a 40% spike in business since the HBO show started airing in May. It is also amusing to note that what today is a ghost town with only a few stray animals scavenging around the site has caused such an uproar on social media – Instagram in particular.

Another tour operator by the name of Yaroslav Yemelianenko has also noted a similar increase in tourist activity with a keen interest amongst visitors to see “locations depicted in the series, including the bunker where the initial decision by local officials not to evacuate after the explosion was made.” While it is mostly deemed safe to visit the Chernobyl site as of today, not many dare step foot at the daunting place. This is barring a string of Instagram Influencers, of course.


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