Hit bullseye by selling a car to women!

We’re sure you all (sex no bar) will agree to this- Women try to influence 100% of every decision a man makes! The spending engine that drives the U.S. economy and economies the world over is the Women. As ‘Chief Purchasing Officers’ for the substantial majority of U.S. households, women make about 83% of consumer spending decisions. No matter what marketers are selling, be it potato chips or computer chips, automobiles, chances are its women who are the ones deciding which to buy. Companies in the car business (well, savvy companies) are aware that women purchase at least 60% of the new cars outright; they are influential in 85% of buying decisions overall. With numbers like that, we’re sure auto marketers would be focused on women like a laser beam. While women may, on average, be much less interested in cars than men, they are the ones who often making buying decisions, according to Marti Barletta of TrendSight Group.

Men, who are fundamentally more fascinated with electronics and gadgets, like to go and browse for what’s new (emphasis on browse). Women go less frequently by comparison, but when they do, they’re ready to purchase. Exclusive tip for a sales rep- Marketing to women does not mean the exclusion of men. In fact, if you can meet women’s expectations, you generally exceed the expectations of men.

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