Nippon Airways is selling seats from decommissioned Boeing 747’s – Would you want one?

What do you gift someone who has everything, travels regularly, has done it and seen it all? Nippon Airways is selling premium seats from their 747 Boeing plane, so a first class seat can be gifted and can find a place in your home.

Being premium seats these are wide and comfortable and the legs of the seat have been remodelled so the seat can be used without it being bolted down. The electronics from the chair have been removed so sadly you cannot have anyone at your beck and call to serve you at the press of a button.

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This Nippon Airways Boeing 747 reitred in March this year with a final flight from Okinawa to Tokyo. The seats will be sold from Christmas Day till February and the deliveries will be done in March 2015. The seats are limited to domestic Japanese sales and will be sold via ANA online shopping site.

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Japanese Airlines is selling seven 747 Boeing plane seats, three of them being singles and four double seats for $ 5420 and $ 6260 respectively. So if you want to feel like you are on a flight while you are sitting in your living room this is just the right thing for you to buy.

[Via – CNN]

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