Shine with Shinebox business card booklets!

Adding personal touches can sometimes give things a whole new meaning. Just like your name which is your most personalized possession so is your business card which is an extension of your identity. And if given a chance to do them up yourself I am sure of half the corporates will reach the seventh heaven with joy. If your business cards look a little outdated, step into the 21st century with these Shinebox business card booklets. The company allows you to design and upload your cards, shipping them back to you in the form of a booklet which contains 20 perforated cards bound in a protective cover you customize. The printing style Shinebox uses can be extended to other formats such as calling cards and mini-brochures as well.

And if you wanna shine with Shinebox business card booklets you gotta pay a price of $150 and up. An enticing way to carry your cards while setting yourself apart from the crowd!

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