World’s Most Expensive Lipstick and Mascara- The Socialite Collection

Lipstick in some shape or form has been around for a long time and has always been a part of the fashion statement. These glittery treats provide dynamic color to your face and a super smooth shine. Next to lipstick, mascara is your most effective makeup tool. It is a great eye-opener that emphasizes lashes. Wouldn’t it be the greatest luxury to have makeup prepared exclusively for your individual needs and specifications? That’s what custom makeup’s all about. Though we have written about gold-plated and crystal embedded stuff earlier, this one left our eyes wide open. Take a look at an ideal marriage of beauty and richness. The Socialite Collection is a Lip and Lash Cosmetics Collection which will revolutionize the cosmetics industry with impeccable VIP concierge service. The lipsticks and mascaras in this exclusive collection are available in gold encrusted with Swarovski Crystals…..only their cases though. H. Couture Beauty has sold the world’s most expensive mascara and lipstick for 14 million dollars.

A client insisted on a solid 18K gold, blue, white, and pink diamond version of the company’s Swarovksi crystal and gold plated lipstick and mascara set. The mascara casing will have 2500 blue diamonds and the lipstick casing will have 1200 pink diamonds. By and large, their mascara retails for $589 and the lip color retails for $150. For this sumptuous value, they do offer other perquisites like concierge service, 24/7 customer service, and complimentary lip and lash refills for a year. There is also lip plumper for $348 which comes with one free refill and lip liner for $120, which also comes with one full product refill. So what are you waiting for? Just jot down your signature in one of the checkbooks of some prestigious bank you hold an account in and demand one of these for dazzling looks.

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