Oh my Dog Perfume – the ultimate in sophistication for your pampered pooch.

Parisians love fragrance, and their pets are no exception! Chic Paws Parfumerie is pleased to introduce the ultimate in sophistication for your pampered pooch, with the new Oh My Dog! This Unisex perfume is a true evocation of the distinctive scent. Oh My Dog!” is a fresh, woodsy floral blend with notes of rosewood, freesia, sandalwood and vanilla, while Oh My Cat! combines complex layers of mandarin orange, bergamot, rosewood, green leaves, jasmine, magnolia, freesia, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and musk. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to compliment the affectionate bond between humans and dogs. Any odors that are likely to disturb the sense of smell of the animal are avoided. This veterinarian-approved French fragrance is available in both 200ml and 75ml bottles for the price of about $ 40.

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Even the most pampered pup may not smell like a freshly picked rose at all times. For those nose-offending moments, douse your offending pooch in these superb, classy fragrances. Whether or traveling or for use at home, it will be sure to freshen you and puppy’s aura. Chic Paws brings American pet enthusiasts the French way of demonstrating love: with luxurious accessories and fragrances made to the highest standard of European design, fabrication and decoration.
Chic Paws’ accessories are available through the company’s website, www.chicpaws.com

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