A $100 million mansion in Silicon Valley is the most expensive single family home

A French-style chateau in the Silicon Valley will surely be noticed for several reasons. And it is now the town’s talk, because of its new high profile residents and the kind of price it demands of them. The newest single-family in the valley is that of Russian investor Yuri Milner. According to a person familiar with the deal, the 30,000 square feet mansion fetched its original owners Fred and Annie Chan, a staggering $100 million, making it the most expensive deal of its kind.

Completed in 2008, the 18th-century French-style Chateaux is made in symmetrical limestone. Designed by architects William Hablinski and Richard Manion starting 2001, the house features a ballroom, home theater, wine cellar, indoor pool, a tennis court, and outdoor pool apart from the family rooms and bedroom suites. The architect’s website also shows pictures of a loggia, with chandeliers, a frieze placed around a skylight at the entrance.
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