The Emax Super Marine 45 is touted to be world’s first zero carbon superyacht tender

Zero Carbon superyachts are not new for Sauter Carbon Offset Design; in fact every luxury yacht they make is eco-friendly. However this time around they have come out with the World’s First Zero Carbon Superyacht Tender that boasts of top speeds of 80 knots, called as the Emax Super Marine 45, the yacht features a Emax Solar Hybrid Jet Propelled Tender that runs on twin CMD TDI V6’s coupled to GM Allison Hybrid Transmissions the consumes 40% less fuel. The ship-to-shore Shuttle can also be powered on a 32KWh Lithium UPS that can cruise at 25 knots. On fuel the yacht can cruise at 55 knots and offer high speeds of as much as 80 knots. The yacht scores over her contemporaries thanks to a 4KW Photo Voltaic SunPower Solbian array for backup energy.

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On the luxury front, the yacht boasts of teak decks that can seat as many as 10 people and 4 sunbathers. Under the Solar Center Cockpit is the shower alongside a spacious double bed. The yacht also features a kitchenette with fridge/freezer, stove, microwave and a foredeck table that can accommodate a lunch party of six guests. The yacht also boasts of two Rolls Royce FF Series WaterJets drivers. The 700hp variant is priced at 700hp €605,000 ($810,125), while the 900hp Solar Hybrid will cost you €645,000 ($863,690).
Thanks Richard Sauter

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