Bentley builds a special edition Bentayga for Falconry

Bentley’s custom car division Mulliner has created a new special edition of the Bentayga designed especially for falconry lovers. If you don’t know what falconry is – it is one of the oldest hunting methods on record which involves training of falcons as hunting companions and dates back nearly 3,000 years. Over the years, it has become a sport of kings and conquerors and the new special edition luxury SUV celebrates the rich history of the sport. Designed to house “all the equipment required for an enjoyable falconry expedition,” the Bentayga Falconry is purpose-built for the sport.

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The Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner comes with a host of bespoke trim pieces and accessories. The special edition’s main attraction lines in the trunk of the SUV where there is a “master flight station” and a fancy cup holder for whatever beverages are supposed to be consumed while playing with falcons. Finished in a natural cork fabric veneer, the cases feature individual compartments for GPS track units, binoculars, a set of hand-crafted leather bird hoods and gauntlets, all available as optional extras. The cabin is trimmed in black and red leather with black veneers. Bentley has not mentioned how many of these special editions will be built and how much will they cost. The Bentayga’s pricing starts at around $230,000

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