Ferrari is so protective of its brand that it will now reward snitchers who report on counterfeiters with ‘mystery gifts

Believe it or not, Ferrari has launched a new scheme to reward those who snitch. To get the reward, all you’ve to do is report products that could be infringing on the Italian brand’s trademarks. Called the “Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward” program, it is Ferrari’s latest effort to crack down on counterfeit products featuring its iconic branding. We all are well aware of how hyper-aggressive Ferrari is when it comes to its brand image and Intellectual property (IP). The Italian automaker often goes after people and organizations with lawsuits if the company feels its brand image is being tarnished or its IP is being stolen. Ferrari has a long history of even suing its own customers, many of them being world-renowned celebrities. However, this new program to snitch offenders is the first of its kind.

Though just 1.4% of the company’s annual revenue. Ferrari makes more than $40 million every year from sale of merchandise. Via Facebook / @FerrariStyle

The new reward scheme was first reported on A user of the Ferrari-themed online forum claimed to have received an email on the new program from the office of Enrico Galliera, the company’s chief commercial and marketing officer. Details on the reward that will be given to those who provide information on offenders have not been revealed by the supercar manufacturer. The official page for the program states that “participants will have the chance to receive a Ferrari gift item […] the nature and value of this Gift Item will be determined solely at Ferrari’s discretion. Available while stocks last.”

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Via Facebook / @FerrariStyle

To get the reward, all you’ll have to do is submit a report on Ferrari’s website stating information about the name of the company committing the offense, the infringement, photographic documentation of the product, and location. Importantly, the scheme does not appear to be limited to just Ferrari owners. The information on the website states that the initiative is “intended for anyone who has identified a product potentially infringing on Ferrari’s trademarks being sold in a commercial setting.” While it’s an interesting approach by Ferrari, its effectiveness is yet to be seen.

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