Mercedes offers 4MATIC all-wheel drive for the S-Class

The brand name Mercedes is tantamount to luxurious cars globally! Ask a kid to name a magnificent car and he/she too will reply with Mercedes for sure. With ‘Merc’, comfort and driving dynamics attain a new level of perfection. Currently, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its forthcoming line-up of 4MATIC S-Class sedans. 4MATIC is, of course, the name for Mercedes’ all-wheel-drive system, and the range-topping über-sedan will offer it mated to a number of engines to give the well-heeled a host of choices for uncompromised traction in whatever conditions they may come across. 4MATIC will be offered worldwide on the S320 CDI, S450, and S500 sedans, although they’ve yet to announce which of these models will be sold in the North American market.

The 4MATIC system’s compact, light, and friction-optimized design offer clear advantages over other systems with regard to weight, fuel consumption, comfort, and passive safety. Depending on the engine type, the all-wheel-drive technology results in an unrivaled low additional weight of just 66 or 70 kilograms. The new S 500 4MATIC accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds and is therefore as fast as the rear-wheel-drive variant.

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