Take a look at the new Lamborghini inspired viks bicycle

There are many who relate well to the pleasures of riding a bicycle. Here to heighten the enthusiasm amongst bike lovers, is the Estonian brand – Velonia that recently introduced a spectacular new viks bicycle that looks like it is carved right out of a Lamborghini. That’s right. The stylish cruiser takes after one of our most beloved supercars – The Lamborghini and is every bit of “trendy” imaginable!

Unlike its counterparts, the new viks incorporates sharp edges and triangles (similar to those found in the design of a Lamborghini) that are stylishly perched in its aluminum alloy frame. Conceptualized in early 2013, the brand took three years of ardent efforts to perfect the very first viks ‘GT Lamborghini’. Additionally, the bike also carries the signature yellow finish, perfectly aping its grand muse.

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Each of the viks bicycles is built by hand using specialist stainless steel tubes, joints, and laser-cut parts. The complete process takes three full days to cut, bend, weld and sand one standard viks frameset, and one extra day to sandblast and finish it all off with an arresting coat of paint. Apart from being airy, clean, and simple, the singular viks framework is ultra-sturdy- thanks to its thick tubes and strong welds. As for the GT Lamborghini, its geometry and size stay untouched, however, it is made fully out of an aluminum alloy making it 40 percent lighter than its predecessors. Produced and handcrafted in Tallinn, Estonia, the all-new GT is expected to hit markets soon.

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