The $1.3 million Deep Flight Super Falcon flying submarine for the super rich only

If you have exactly $1.3 million to spare, you have to spend it on the Deep Flight Super Falcon flying submarine. The project started as a custom submarine for venture capitalist Tom Perkins who wanted a submarine for his Maltese Falcon (famously known as Darth Vader’s mega-yacht). After noticing their submarine weakness, the designer – Graham Hawkes decided to make his custom submarine available to other millionaires out there. He also offers an open cockpit version for $350,000.

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The Deep Flight Super Falcon doesn’t have ballast tanks, instead it dives down to 1,500 feet using speed and it’s aerodynamic design. A unique creation, it is definitely a great way to show off your luxurious lifestyles.
For a flying submarine that doesn’t fly (it dives), this beauty is definitely awesome.

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