The $15,900 Pinarello Prince Carbon Di2 Bike makes you want to go green

With many luxury folks opting for green modes of transport, a lot of luxury bikes are hitting the markets. Pinarello hopes to cash in on luxury lovers’ green needs by offering the Prince Carbon Di2 Bike. Boasting of the OEM Di2 system, this bike is sure to appeal to all with its high-end tech specs and uber-luxe design. Like its name suggest, the Prince Carbon Di2 Bike flaunts a carbon fiber frame. The cables and wiring are strategically placed to give the bike a clean look.

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The battery is located below the water bottle cage on the downtube and is attached at an additional boss below the cage and the lower bottle boss. The control box sits under the handlebars on the brake cable and shows battery life left and the means to recalibrate the system if required. The bike can go over 1000 miles on a single charge. One of the most high-tech, high-end modes of transport, it is truly a class apart.
Weighing in at 16 lbs, this white and red-colored bike is priced at $15,900. A limited-edition, with only 23 being brought to the US market, this bike is one exclusive creation. Currently, only 15 are available, so you had better hurry to make your purchase. Click here to buy the bike or make any further inquiries. Going green has never felt so good.

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