Special edition ‘Kill Me Fast’ Ducati bikes oozes art

‘Beauty, speed and death’ is what inspired Danish artist Kristian van Hornsleth to display his art on 10 Ducati bikes. The private collection, Kill Me Fast, features the 1098 and 1198 models and looks like a piece of a graffiti wall. For adventure seekers who have an eye for art, this bike is a good investment. Kristian was urged to use the bike for his artistic prowess owing to a conversation he had with a salesman about the dangers of riding such a superbike. In response, the salesman said, ‘you don’t feel anything when you hit a wall going 320 kph’, and this shone brilliantly in Kristian’s mind to create the artistic series.

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If you want to pass on getting the exclusive bike but would love a poster, you could get one from his website.

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