The $37,000 “Definitive Wax Marble” is the world’s most expensive car wax

Not all of us are satisfied with a regular car wash. Car enthusiasts and collectors are often seen fretting over their cars like they would over their children or loved ones. Ensuring their car gets only the best of treatments, they opt for high-end services like that offered by Elite Detailing, Britain’s most expensive car wash. Such folks will have no qualms about shelling out thousands of dollars to make sure their car is in optimum health and looks spanking new all the time. Keeping this target populace in mind, Brough & Howarth have come up with what is sure to be the world’s most expensive car wax. The pricey car wax is dubbed the “Definitive Wax Marble” and has an asking price of $37,000 per canister. Besides claiming it to be the world’s most expensive, the company also states that this wax is also the world’s rarest.

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The white-and-grey marble cube is sourced from Athens, Greece, and made of refined fruit oils, local Greek beeswax, and imported carnauba wax from northern Brazil. What is more, this rare, expensive wax is not available for sale and is only available as a wax treatment through Brough & Howarth.
Increasing its exclusivity even more, is the fact that only one pot of this rare wax exists. The “Definitive Wax Marble” is all set to be unveiled at a special ceremony at a prestigious London spot. So if you think your car deserves this special treatment, you had better contact Brough & Howarth, right away.

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