This futuristic, samurai-inspired motorcycle is one of the coolest custom-builds we’ve seen

It looks like the last week was all about ultra-futuristic automobiles with out-of-the-box, edgy designs and striking bare-metal bodywork reminding us of the DeLorean; yes, I’m talking about the Tesla Cybertruck. But we also came across a really cool custom motorcycle with all the above qualities. Created by custom motorcycle builder Death Machines of London, this futuristic bike called Kenzo has been made out of a 1977 Honda Goldwing. The company is known for its radical motorcycles builds and their Moto Guzzi Le Mans based Airtail and the Triumph Bonneville-based Up Yours Copper has been hugely popular in the past. Yet, the company’s founder, James Hilton, describes the Kenzo as their ‘most radical machine to date’.

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Although, Kenzo was originally unveiled at Bike Shed London 2018. However, the team wasn’t fully satisfied with the final result and stripped it down completely last winter to start afresh. As you can see, the chassis has been heavily modified for the build, while the 1000cc engine was dismantled, inspected and refreshed. The segmented bodywork is inspired by samurai body armor, while the fork and headlight surround replicate a Katana sword. Instead of a regular handlebar grip, the motorcycle uses Japan’s Tsukamaki leather wrapping technique. Another interesting design element of the motorbike is the intricate speedo that was cast from an 18th-century jewel box before being layered with a series of light-diffusing film and a precision-etched nickel lattice outer bezel. The headlight cluster, indicators, and tail light are all custom-designed parts. The incredible machine is up for grabs and can be yours for £56,000 (about $72,000).

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