Trident Iceni is an eco-friendly sports car

What would come to your mind when I speak about a sports car that can travel at speeds of about 200 miles per hour and cover a distance of 2,000 miles with a full-fueled tank? Impossible! Well, that’s just proved otherwise by designer Phil Bevan. The Trident Iceni is a sexy two-seater sports car that is powered up by a Duramax turbo diesel engine that provides with the power of 550 ponies at 3,800 rpm. In spite of all the brilliant speeds that it can touch and all the good looks that have gone into the design, the car leaves a critic speechless with the 0-60 mph climb in less than four seconds.

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Green, eco-friendly cars come by and go every now and then. But they rarely manage to stare at their fuel consuming counterparts in the face. The Trident Iceni has and will continue to change things wherever it spreads its greenness.

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