Wiesmann MF5 Black Bat appears to be the ultimate Batmobile

If you are a true Batman fan, then you will be happy to hear that they have finally created a machine worthy of the name the ‘Batmobile.’ The brand new Wiesmann MF5 Black Bat has come the closest to the genuine Batmobile used by your favorite super hero of all time. Watch out for its state-of-the-art V10-powered MF5 retro roadster engulfed in matte black, black chrome and an exclusive set of noir BBS 20-inch alloys whose rims are polished to perfection. This beast of a car even comes with its own Batman logo at the rear.

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SchwabenFolia and Dahler are the makers of this amazing six-piston Brembo calipery machine that has an ECU reflash and new exhaust to ensure swift movement within the blink of an eye.

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