Experience the mighty Colorado in style with an adventurous rafting trip through the Grand Canyon

If you’re an adventure junkie who loves the white waters, rafting the Grand Canyons must make your bucket list! (If it hasn’t already!). Apart from providing stunning natural views and the best of scenery, the Colorado River is what makes the Grand Canyon National Park more special. Touted as the single most impressive natural feature in North America, the river gives soul to the northern Arizona stretch and provides ample adventure opportunities for travel enthusiasts.

The Colorado River in Grand Canyon is on average 300 feet wide and 25 feet deep, making it a favored rafting spot for adventure lovers. Rafting sojourns at the national part start from Lees Ferry and continues up to Lake Mead. Throughout the stretch, visitors are rewarded with over three dozen substantial rapids and a series of long pools flanked with stunning visuals on all sides. Although the rapids only amount to 10 percent of Colorado’s 277-mile length in Grand Canyon, they are ferocious at best and account for nearly half of its 2,000-foot elevation drop. This makes rafting at the national park one of the most desired experiences in the world.

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When it comes to planning a rafting adventure at Grand Canyon, it is crucial to book your trip in advance. While there are several commercial outfitters offering the experience, it isn’t uncommon for slots to get booked up to a year in advance. Spring to fall is considered as the best time to raft here as opposed to summers when the temperatures soar up and crowds frequent it in bulk. You can opt for overnight journeys ranging in length from three to 18 days (costing anywhere between $2000 – $6000 approx.), depending on your appetite for thrills. If you’re seeking a never to forget adventure, Grand Canyon and the Colorado await you in all their glory!

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