From sailing through the Panama canal to exploring Antarctica – These are the 9 most unique luxury travel experiences for 2020

If you’re craving a holiday and are ready to book your next trip, look no further! Bringing you a curated list of the most unusual yet luxurious experiences for 2020 is a travel company – Virtuoso with its much-acclaimed ‘2020 Virtuoso Luxe Report’ The annual survey has taken in inputs from its global luxury travel network of 20,000 advisors and rolled out exciting trip recommendations for the year ahead.

The top 9 most luxurious experiences for travel connoisseurs based on Virtuoso’s luxe report are as follow:

1. Surf Sydney’s Iconic Bondi Beach: Australia’s gem – Bondi beach is a popular destination for surfers. is just outside the city center and extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. Perfect for professionals as well as novices, Surfing on the blue water of Bondi Beach should certainly not be missed!

2. Head to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics: Japan’s eclectic backdrop is as is a treat for the travelers and to make it all the more special, the country will be hosting the 2020 Olympics from July 24 to August 9. Head to the land of cherry blossoms, for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

3. Witness the Great Migration: Every year, millions of zebras, wildebeest and antelope traverse the landscape of Tanzania and Kenya to escape predatory animals and search for food and water. The phenomenon is nothing but awe-inspiring and undoubtedly your best travel bet for the coming year.

4. Live like a local in Italy: It’s one thing to be a tourist and another to soak in the flavors of a novel land like a local! Visit Italy this year and do just like the Italians! Stay in a luxe country home, guzzle up espresso and savor their cuisine to your heart’s content! This European land is sure to mesmerize you!

5. Support the Bahamas: A part of responsible travel is in giving. This year, Hurricane Dorian severely damaged Grand Bahama and Abaco islands even as Virtuoso’s nine resorts escaped with little to no damage. Visit the Bahamas for a staycation in 2020 and help restore its economy!

6. Fly around the world via private jet: Ever heard of country-hopping? Well, you can now traverse several global destinations such as Easter Island, Petra, Jordan, and the Taj Mahal on the go a specially outfitted jet and the best of luxuries at your service! And what’s more, you even get to skip that dreadful jetlag!

7. Sail through the Panama Canal: This century-old engineering marvel is everyone’s bucket list! And to make a visit to it all the more special, travelers are recommended to sails though the canal and traverse 50 miles of its locks as the vessel makes its way from ocean to ocean. Could it get more exciting than this?

8. Explore the pristine landscape of Antarctica: If you’re looking for an offbeat adventure to fill your soul, head to Antarctica next year! Enjoy its unspoiled scenic beauty, kayak with humpback whales, gaze at penguins and even experience a dip in its freezing waters! The destination has also been voted the top adventure destination in the 2020 Luxe Report.

9. Enjoy the slow-down trend of rail travel: If you love trains and nature alike, consider a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer that takes you on a journey across the majestic Canadian landscapes. Catch breathtaking views through the glass-dome coaches, savor delectable food and learn more about natural and historic sites of the country through expert hosts. Rail Travel can’t get better than this!
So, where are you headed next year?

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