Las Vegas’ $2.3 billion MSG Sphere lights up in hypnotizing lava visuals ahead of the September opening. As tall as the Pyramids of Giza the worlds largest sphere has 580,000 sq ft of LED panels, 164,000 speakers, and will seat 18,000 people.

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For a few minutes, MSG Sphere in Las Vegas lit up to make time stop, jaws drop, and witness the marvel created by the marriage of vision, ambition, and skill. It was like an otherworldly element occupying space on our planer and abashedly displaying cascading red and yellow lights with the greeting “Hello World” on the LED screen. The $2.3 billion Madison Square Garden Sphere, designed by stadium specialist Populous, will contain the worlds most prominent and highest LED resolution screen, measuring 19,000 x 13,500 pixels.

The world’s largest spherical structure is set to open in September, with a befitting start- the world’s best-selling rock band U2 opening its Las Vegas residency and performing the first shows on September 29 and 30. A video of the mind-blowing 366 feet high and 516 feet wide structure was revealed on Twitter, with the user Michel rightly calling it the most incredible building ever, ‘First animation of the MSG Sphere this morning. This is going to be the coolest building in the world.’

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The expansive and expensive mother of all entertainment venues will boast 18,000 seats and n HD screen larger than three football fields. Tests were carried out to prepare for the 4th of July when it will be fully lit up for the first time. Bono said, “The idea behind U2 is always to make the worst seat of the house the best of the house. This changes the whole dynamic on that.”

He added, “Over playing a theater, most music venues are sports venues. They’re stadiums, they’re arenas. They’re built for sports. They’re not built for music, they’re not built for art. So this building was built for immersive experiences in cinema and performance.”

To give an even more mesmerizing show of its capabilities the MSG Sphere was fired up on the 4th of July.

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