Lufthansa has revealed new business class cabin with throne-like seats

German airline Lufthansa has unveiled concept designs for its new business class cabin that includes luxurious seats that can be converted into beds that are up to 7-feet long. This gives us a glimpse of the airline’s Business Class seat and cabin would look like when it takes delivery of its first Boeing 777X aircraft which will be available for the first time in 2020. The cabin will have a capacity for 45 to 60 passengers, depending on the final configuration, and the seats will be configured in a 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 formation, providing direct aisle access for every passenger for the first time. The new configuration will also provide flyers with an increased amount of personal space along with more privacy and generous storage compartments and flat surfaces.

The new improved seat is the key feature of the cabin which has been developed with the goal of facilitating the finest and most peaceful sleep above the clouds. With the seat fully reclined to flat position, it will measure 86.6 inches and the passenger’s shoulder can sink into them to keep the spine straight and, the airlines says, better facilitate ‘side sleepers’. For tech upgrades, the business class cabins will come with larger TV screens with full HD, wireless charging stations, and the ability for passengers to control the entertainment system via their personal devices. The new cabins won’t be available until 2020, with the roll out of Lufthansa’s brand new fleet of Boeing 777-9 aircraft, but Lufthansa is bringing quite a few updates to its existing business class cabins early next year which include new mattresses, blankets and ‘sleeping sweaters’.

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