Singapore Airlines has partnered with wellness brand Canyon Ranch to make ultra long-haul flights more comfortable and relaxing

Singapore Airlines has enlisted the help of Canyon Ranch to re-invent ultra-long-haul travel with a focus on wellness cuisines, rest and relaxation. Canyon Ranch is the world’s premiere integrative wellness brand, with a team of experts from the fields of integrative medicine, exercise, nutrition and other disciplines known as Canyon Ranch Wellness Architects, including the 17th U.S. Surgeon General. This team has developed strategies to improve passengers’ experience on SIA’s 18 hour 45 minutes non-stop service launching on 11 October 2018 between Singapore and New York (Newark), the world’s longest commercial flight. The programme will also extend to Singapore-US non-stop services to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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These strategies focus on three aspects of air travel:

Wellness Cuisines developed by Canyon Ranch chefs and nutritionists are focused on nutrition and hydration (taking into consideration longer flight duration with less body movement), but without the sacrifice of taste. The Canyon Ranch wellness cuisines promise bold flavours and textures in addition to SIA’s own meal selections and creations by its International Culinary Panel chefs.
Expect items like Wild Caught Prawn Ceviche and Lavosh as appetizers while mains will include Seared Organic Chicken and Zucchini Pappardelle. Treat yourself to a dessert of Lemon Angel Food Cake. Nutritional information like Calories, Carb grams, Protein grams, Fat grams, Sodium milligrams etc. for each dish will be featured on the menu.

Rest and Relaxation
Canyon Ranch’s sleep strategies are designed to help customers in all cabin classes improve the duration and quality of rest, as well as specific light settings in providing better cabin ambience for rest and relaxation.

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Guided Stretching Exercises led by Canyon Ranch exercise physiologists are accessible to passengers via personal seatback entertainment systems.

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