Russian jeweler creates expensive line up of Apple Watches honoring Putin, Lenin and others

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch is already looked upon as a premium device, given the fact that it comes with a pricetag higher than its peers. To add to it all, Russian jewelry brand Caviar, has added a dash of bling to the Apple Watch that further sets it apart from the rest, with a gold cladding! Customized as a tribute to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lenin, and Peter the Great, these Apple Watches are simply extraordinary. While they function like their stock siblings, the watches look far from the original. The Putin-themed watch displays the Moscow skyline and sports the state emblem on the Digital Crown button. To complete the look, Caviar has engraved Putin’s name and signature on the watch.

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The “USSR Lenin” model on the other hand depicts an engraving of Lenin’s mausoleum, while the Digital Crown sports a hammer and a sickle. Finally, the “Epoca Imperia” Apple Watch, designed to pay tribute to Tsar Peter the Great, comes with a more ornate design and manages to grab second-looks with ease. Each of these watches is priced at about $3,100 and come with either leather or Milanese link bracelets. We wonder how many fans of Russian communism will actually pay ten times more for a customized Apple Watch of this kind though.

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[Via – Businessinsider]

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