At $1.9 million the Horn of Plenty tourbillon timepiece is one of the most complicated clocks

What happens when jewelry meets extravagant tourbillon technology? The world gets its first ‘Horn of Plenty! Created by Moiseikin Jewelry, the tourbillon timepiece dazzles with over 4,000 diamonds, weighing over 30 carats. It will be the highlight of a showcase by the luxury label at the upcoming World Luxury Expo at Abu Dhabi.

The phenomenal clock outshines all objets d’art of its Imperial Collection. It features eclectic elements such as a mother-of-pearl shell of an oceanic mollusk nautilus, caught in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean or manual work with gold or
amethysts brought in specially from Brazil that is so saturated a purple as if filled with intoxicating grape juice, while leaves carved from the most valuable “emerald” variety of nephritis lend the artwork its lush greenery. A graceful hummingbird of rare precious stones quivers over a delicate orchid. Mastercraftsman Lyudmila Matveeva used an unprecedentedly large crimson garnet-almandine and an extraordinarily sized sea pearl in the quirky souvenir with a smattering of 4,144 diamonds weighing 29.967 carats fastened on the wings fastidiously.

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For “The Horn of Plenty” clockwork, star designer Anatoly Zubkov selected and disposed of gears so that the mechanism would fit in the truncated cone of the pedestal. The winding reserve of the unique clock equals 8 days and is wound up manually with a golden key that comes decked with diamonds and demantoids in a miniature nephrite box. The artifact is priced at more than $1.9 million and is clearly a palace interior-worthy piece of tourbillon jewelry.

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