The Jacob and Co.’s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Multicolor Pink – A pink timepiece that you will madly fall in love with

It’s not often that you come across a timepiece like Jacob and Co.’s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Multicolor Pink watch. With its dazzling gem set face, and spectacular manual movement with tourbillon, this watch is something of a crossover between the worlds of haute horology and fine jewelry. It’s a watch that’s bold and bright, but still feminine and elegant.

Inside the 47mm white gold case is the manually wound Jacob&Co. Caliber JCBM01a with an impressive power reserve of 100 hours. The One-minute Flying Tourbillon is visible at 6 o’ clock and its upper bridge is shaped like a circular “Jacob&Co” logo. The satin finished bridges are set with 346 Brilliant-cut White Diamonds (≈ 1.50 ct.) while the power reserve indication is also set with 8 multi-coloured baguette sapphires (≈ 0.05 ct.)

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Meanwhile on the outside, the case is invisibly set with 24 baguette diamonds (2.27 ct.), 14 baguette tsavorites (1.56 ct.), and 132 baguette sapphires (15.53 ct.). The crown set with 14 tiny pink baguette sapphires (0.66 ct.) and one cabochon cut diamond (0.51 ct.). The dial is invisibly set with 14 baguette tsavorites (1.19 ct.), and 131 baguette sapphires (12.18 ct.). The white alligator strap has an 18K white gold tang buckle set with 3 baguette diamonds (0.24 ct.), 4 baguette tsavorites (0.30 ct.) and 14 baguette sapphires (1.07 ct.).

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All in all the watch boasts 359 baguette sapphires and one cabochon cut sapphire (35.56 ct.) 346 brilliant-cut white diamonds (1.50 ct.). If this watch fascinates you, check out other watches from Jacob and Co.’s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon collection here: JacobAndCo

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