These $13000 pair of glasses by Silhouette are the ultimate luxury for your eyes

It is no more necessary to conjure a weak eyesight to sport a pair of fancy glasses. With eyewear becoming the go-to style accessory, optical luxury brands are constantly seen innovating their product lines. On a similar note, Austrian luxury eyewear brand – Silhouette recently unveiled its Silhouette Atelier Collection which will certainly bedazzle you with its beauty (and price)!

Drawing inspiration from contemporary and Austrian art nouveau styles, designer Martin Preuer-Lackner has curated the Atelier collection with the choicest of metal and stones [with the most indulgent buy in the collection priced at £10,000($12982.35)]. Each piece in the high end line is tailored to incorporated pricey customer preferences for gems that range from luscious rubies to sparkling sapphires. Apart from these embellishments, each of the metal frames are made of 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold which are hand polished or brush finished to your liking. While the flagship model of the men’s collection – “Titanium meets Gold” features 23-carat gold-plated titanium in Carbon Black embellished with solid 18-carat yellow or white gold, the women’s collection – “Art de Fleurs” is represented with floral motifs featuring 72 precision-cut diamonds assembled around two large rubies that can be swapped for blue or pink sapphires.

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Since its inception in 1964, Silhouette is delivering luxury eyewear products that match the very best in the world. With craftsmen based in Linz, Austria, the brand boasts of 250 (out of 280 production steps) being exclusively handmade. Studded with gems of your choice in the most precious metals and hand crafted just for you, could eyewear get any more spectacular? We highly doubt it!

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[ Via : Businessinsider ]