This slice of pizza costs $200

In 2012, Steph Mantis took his love for pizza and art, and amalgamated it into one of the most intriguing projects yet, an art exhibit labelled Forever Pizza. Now Mantis has curated a few more slices and encased it in clear acrylic. I believe the core concept being freezing a pizza in time.

Measuring 4.25 inches x 2.75 inches, the Lucite block costs a whopping $200 a piece. Clearly art is expensive even if it’s just tomato gravy, cheese and some meat. You can select between pepperoni and plain cheese, though my preferred choice would always be the classic, plain cheese.

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Mantis commented on this recent project saying, “When I put a slice of pizza in resin for an art show years ago, I never thought I’d end up making it again, in any capacity. But plans change, everyone loves pizza, and I have a tendency to make very difficult-to-produce objects. (apparently that’s what “art” is) So I took some time to do it right. For me, for the pizza, for you, for humankind; for the love of it all. …Each Forever Slice is unique, just like you.”

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Available for purchase on his website, this new piece of work is yet another innovation in the landscape of art.