An avant-garde flying yacht designed by Yelken Octuri

I would love to fly and swim all in one magic carpet that will bring me all the joys of traveling. OK it is far fetched but not impossible. Ask Yelken Octuri, as the designer came out with the new flying yacht for three Masqat Airways corporate executive princes. The yacht with massive sails is powered by a Nissen & Brasseur engine that sports four dual propellers, the nameless flying yacht can hit top speeds of 242 miles per hour. To fly, just lowered the sails to give wings to the yacht.

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The yacht comes with two main decks, along with half-deck in the aft and another half-deck in the front that functions as the cockpit. The lower deck sports a main room, a kitchen, a toilet and a storage room. The upper deck has three rooms and a bathroom. Give your sea adventures wings, that too quite literally, and set sails to your flights, without changing pods! Click here for details.

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