A slap in the name of art: framed 4chan screenshot sold on eBay for $90,000

We live in a weird world where weird things happen every day. Though it’s true that there is no exact definition of “what is art” and in fact different people will come up with different ways to explain it; but only a dolt won’t agree that a screenshot should not qualify as a piece of art (under any circumstances for that matter). But 17 people bidders on eBay think differently. Believe it or not, an eBay seller successfully auctioned a framed copy of poorly captured screenshot of a 4chan post questioning the value of art. Opening at a minimum bid of $500, the screenshot named “Artwork by Anonymous” finished with a winning bid of $90,900.

In case you don’t know what 4chan is; it’s an image-board website which was originally used for the posting of pictures and discussion of manga and anime. But now however it has become a breeding ground of disturbing content. “Art used to be something to cherish,” the original anonymous 4chan poster wrote on Wednesday. “Now literally anything could be art. This post is art.” The bidding started at $500 and within 36 hours had crossed the $10,000 mark. A combination of human and automatic bids steadily pushed the price higher and the auction ended with the winning bid of $90,900. The lucky winner will receive a printout of the screenshot on standard A4 paper in a frame.

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