Get your checkbooks out – Picasso’s art worth $290 million put on market by granddaughter

Art lovers are ecstatic to learn that celebrated artist Pablo Picasso’s works from the personal collection of his granddaughter Marina Picasso are soon going to be put up for sale. The seven pieces of art are believed to be worth $290 million.

One of the pieces is a 1923 potrait of Marina’s grandmother, Picasso’s fist wife, Olga Khokhlova and is titled “Potrait de femme” and is worth $60 million. The works are dated from 1905 to 1965 and include “Maternite” valued at $54 million and “Femme a la Mandoline” worth about $60 million.

Last spring at the Sotheby’s non selling exhibition held in Paris, Marina Picasso showcased her grand father’s drawings and ceramics probably to gauge the interest in his works by art lovers. Marine has decided to sell the works directly by personally meeting the interested parties in Geneva.

The Cannes villa “La Californie”, which Marina inherited from her grandfather is also on the market. The vailla is presently a museum and a gallery dedicated to Picasso.

All that glitters is not gold is a saying we have heard time and again. It all might seem very glamorous and exciting to be a descendant of such a talented artist but marina has her own stories to share. She claims Picasso neglected their family during her growing years and they lived on the brink of poverty. She claims he drove them to despair and this is her way of letting go of the past.

[Via – Artnet]

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