The Pink Panther Car Under The Hammer

For those who live in the past will really appreciate the Pink Panther car. This is the one that was used as the 60’s T.V. show and is up for sale on eBay. “Respected” Hollywood builder Jay Ohrberg created this car for the show. The “limo” is 23 ft long, 6 ft wide, and is powered by a 7-liter engine. It has a front-wheel drive and occasionally does startup! it may need a break from the job and might even need towing to the next event. The seller assures that that there is no copyright infringement should you use the name “Pink Panther” he’s got permission from MGM and it is a part of the deal! The tailgate-like doors open to huge lounge-like interiors. Reupholstered and ready to mingle, the car will belong to someone who is willing to spare a bit over £75000 ($147,210). Hurry inspector! The bid closes tomorrow!

The Pink Panther Car eBay Item number: 190081313567

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