Kohler DTV treats you to a fab shower

With features like six user pre-set for one touch access to saved experiences. Hydro massage and temperature treatment programs, custom and pre-configured installations, who wouldn’t want this customized navigation system for the ultimate showering experience. After all an indulgent shower can refresh the mind and soul and lead to a great way of starting the day. With the amount of living pressures and stress these days, people are forgetting how to relax and take that soothing shower to de-stress! Kohler’s DTV digitally control your shower. The digital interface controls the numerous showerheads to give you the ultimate showering experience. You can program the temperature, angle, anti-dirt programs and pulse of the showerheads and save it for future use too. The iPod like panel is wall mounted and blends naturally into the tiling.

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The DTV from Kohler is available in portrait and landscape, it starts at $1039 and the six-port thermostatic valve starts at $1102.