All of Donald Trump’s tweets are being sold as NFT’s. His most controversial tweets are on sale for $10,700 each. The profits will be donated only to the charities the ex-President despises.

Donald Trump may be the most unpopular man in the world currently, but the same cant be said about his tweets. The world has a deficit of some Donald-ism ever since Trump’s Twitter account was suspended in early January following the US Capitol riots. Cashing in on this opportunity is a group of anonymous university students calling themselves “Strategic Meme Group, Incorporated” who has begun selling Donald Trump’s tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company has handpicked 100 infamous drumpfs out of 46,694 Trump’s NFT-tweets and is selling them on a special platform dubbed “Drumpfs.” Make no mistake, these aren’t Trump supporters trying to make money out of Trump trash on Twitter instead they are Trump haters who aim to donate 97% of all profits earned specifically to charities that Trump allegedly “despised,” namely Americares, Clean Air Task Force, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Doctors Without Borders, and NAACP. The remaining 3% “Strategic Meme Group, Incorporated” will keep for itself for expenses.

“Hate Trump? Buy his ‘Drumpf’ and own a part of history! With all profits going to charities he despises, you can hurt him where it matters,” the website proclaims. Each NFT will come as a 3D cube with a tweet imprinted on two sides and an image on another two. The remaining two sides are occupied by the “Drumpfs” platform’s branding. Think this is crazy? Not too long ago Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet fetched more than $2 million at an auction.

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[Bid at Drumpfs Via: CryptoSlate]

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