Centibillionaire Warren Buffett’s stingy wife moaned at paying $4 for her morning coffee at a fancy billionaire summer camp in Idaho. Interestingly, her husband is worth more than the entire market cap of Starbucks.

They say when you’re married for too long, you start mimicking your partner’s behavior. The observation seems valid after learning of Billionaire Warren Buffett’s wife, Astrid, whining about the price of a $4 coffee at the Sun Valley summer camp on Thursday.

Her 92-year-old husband of 17 years and the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway is worth more than $115 billion and features among the top 10 richest people on the planet. Buffett matter-of-factly stated she ‘could get a pound of coffee’ for the same price somewhere else. Conseriding that we are living in 2023, a $4 coffee at a swanky place wouldn’t seem expensive to less fortunate people. NY Post confirmed that $4 is the cheapest caffeine fix available at Konditorei, the famous Austrian-themed pastry shop, and coffeehouse located on-site at the swank Sun Valley resort in Idaho.

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Known for his exceeding modest lifestyle Warren Buffet drives a sub $50,000 car and has stays in a $300,000 home.

The wife of the Oracle of Omaha is emulating his frugal living-
Despite being a billionaire for most of his life, stingy Buffet continues to live in the same residence in Omaha he bought in 1958 for $31,500. The man takes the faster route to save money, aka kickstarting his day with an economical McDonald’s breakfast instead of hiring a chef to whip out fresh crepes every morning. In a BBC documentary, his daughter, Susie Buffett, said he purchased cheap, damaged by hail automobiles, “You’ve got to understand, he keeps cars until I tell him, ‘This is getting embarrassing — time for a new car,” she said. Guess it’s time for Susie to have a little chat with Astrid over a homemade coffee, of course!

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Note – As of writing this article, according to Forbes the networth of Warren Buffett is $115 billion and the market cap of Starbucks is $114.8 billion.

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