Roman Abramovich’s $30 million private nightclub will boast of a $250,000 waterfall

After becoming the proud owner of the world’s largest super yacht, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has now set his sights on becoming the owner of nightclub. But not just any nightclub. The Russian billionaire is reportedly building himself an exclusive $30 million private nightclub underneath his football club’s stadium in London. The purpose of this nightclub would be to entertain his girlfriend Dasha Zhukova’s, chic friends. The nightclub’s work is apparently in an advanced stage, and reports suggest it might be ready by December.

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Located below Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium with up to 500 guests, it was previously occupied by Purple nightclub which closed in 2007. Abramovich’s nightclub is said to feature a 13-ft. high waterfall that costs $250,000 to install and a hydraulically-operated stage for Abramovich’s favorite artists’ private performances including Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse, and Kings of Leon.
The interior is the boast of a “gritty industrial design motif,” complete with a lavish green room for performers and private booths with plasma TV screens.
Abramovich reportedly got the idea for the nightclub after visiting several nightspots in the USA. This gesture is sure to have melted the heart of the billionaire’s girlfriend.

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