Handmade Wooden Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are loved by all. The thought of receiving a tiny gift each day during Advent….what’s not to like about that! The little doors and elaborate designs make Advent calendars a very unique decorating accessory. Wooden Advent calendars definitely are beautiful and exude more luxury than the paper versions. If you have money to burn, this Handmade Wooden Advent Calendar from FAO Schwarz just might be perfect for you this season. A festive red Tudor style house with 24 turning windows, the Advent Calendar honors the 150-year-old German tradition. Big enough to sit on your fireplace mantel, the heirloom-quality wooden Advent calendar is handcrafted as well as meticulously hand-painted and when you turn each window around you find people inside of the home.

Some brilliant tips for advent surprises- Instead of candies use little surprises such as jewelry on special days, small paper gift certificates, headphone earbuds, key chains, dice, small bookmarks, chapstick, decorative push pins for bulletin boards, and any other little thing you can find. Another brilliant idea is to keep clues in the advent and then hide the gifts around the house. It makes it much more fun for the person to find it and you don’t have to struggle to find things that are small enough to fit the advent calendar box. Enjoyed by young and old alike, Handmade Wooden Advent Calendar will add excitement to the countdown to Christmas for a price of $1,125 from FAO Schwarz.
Dimensions – 38″ L x 14″ W x 10″ H

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