Bulgari launches manga inspired capsule collection with Hirohiko Araki

Known usually for their dramatic serpent inspired accessories and jewelry, Bulgari is venturing into the adventurous and fun world of manga and anime through their latest collaboration. The Italian luxury brand has teamed up with Hirohiko Araki, creator of the popular manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, to create a capsule collection that brings together high quality craftsmanship and pop culture fun.

The collection is titled Killer Queen, named for one of the most popular “Stand” characters of the franchise. Featuring handbags, wallets and a scarf, the collection prominently features the Killer Queen throughout and is sure to gain cult popularity among fans of Bulgari as well as fans of the franchise.

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“In my manga The Bizarre Adventures of Jojo, there is a kind of supernatural entity called ‘Stand’. It is a visual personification of its user’s mind or spirit which stands over its user, protecting them like a kind of guardian angel. My strongest image of Bulgari is of the Serpenti (or “snake”), with its powers of protection against evil, which is also one of the brand’s iconic motifs. On this occasion, I have designed a collection of items for everyday use—including BB Alba bags, wallets, bandana and Shelley, which incorporate the image of ‘Killer Queen’, one of the most powerful of all of the ‘Stands’ that I have drawn in my manga. I would be truly happy if my items would protect the people who carry them, for health and safety, and at times when they have to fight, for love or in their work,” Hirohiko explained.
The collection will be available at Bulgari stores and on their website from November 10.

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