Gucci’s latest window displays are eye catching

Gucci has unveiled its fascinating new window display designs for Fall 2015 with their new creative director, Alessandro Michele.

The funky and cool window display features turquoise and purple LEDs to give a 3D element and a psychedelic effect. The floors have a diamond pattern on an iron sheet and ready to wear clothing hangs from an industrial rotating rail which reminds one of the assembly line at a dry cleaners. An embroidered snake slithers across one of the floors, while another window has a giant bee buzzing around the ceiling carrying a Gucci Dionysus bag as it the hovers over a bed of flowers. Some of the windows have a tableau features a rotating platform that are used as shoe displays and the unmovable platforms houses the jewellery on wooden hand models.
These hip and zany designs can be seen at the Gucci store in Paragon, Singapore.

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[Via – Senatus]

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