How do you lock your Hermes bicycle? With this $570 Palladium finished Dior Padlock

Missing Dior updates? We are back to dish out some cuteness from the dashing Dior stables. Shopaholics who have been missing shopping from their favorite luxury label have something tangible and exciting coming their way. I say tangible as the last thing Dior offered were exclusive dance lessons to be attended from the comforts of one’s home! I don’t know how many fashionistas would have simply preferred shopping instead? If it’s the shopping you crave, then Dior just dropped a fully Oblique-engraved premium padlock accessory. It’s the perfect, feminine, and eye-catching accessory that will complement your Dior bags perfectly. It is a small but expensive way of reviving an old purchase to make it look a tad bit more exciting and this padlock keychain creates a multi-layered design that can amp things up for sure. The Dior Oblique keyring comes with an engraved pattern on the exterior, a large “CD” motif at the front of the lock. There can be no lock without keys and Dior gives you two! The functional padlock includes two keys that are engraved with the ‘Dior’ logos, while the delicate Palladium-finish metal adds a modern sheen to the piece.

The Dior Oblique Padlock Key Ring is made of 100% brass. It was made in France and can be found hanging over your favorite Dior bag if you find it over at the Dior website for a staggering price of $570.

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[Available at Dior]

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