Jessica Minh Anh will transform the Grand Canyon Skywalk into a 4000 feet high catwalk

Much like their avant-garde designs, few designers are now braving avant-garde showcases of their garments too. One of them is J Fashion Show’s founder and fashion model, Jessica Minh Anh who shows will take place atop a giant glass platform called the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The American landmark’s circular walkway overlooks the vast vacuum beneath, beckoning the daring (and now the fashion-forward) to admire the depths of the canyon. Also known as the “best new bridge,” the skywalk will double up as a catwalk on November 1. For once, those heels will literally take models sky-high when they strut their stuff hanging 4,000ft above the canyon.

This, however, isn’t the label’s first venture into unchartered fashion territory. Last year it turned the Parisian Siena River’s giant glass boat, Le Jean Brue, into a floating runway. But while Minh Anh may have decided to throw caution to the winds and fly to Arizona this time for fashion, let’s hope she clings on to the couture as the precarious skywalk’s prevailing winds are reputed to sweep off almost everything. “The Grand Canyon is one of America’s most stunning landscapes, and so I want to showcase this against cutting edge fashion. I hope that inspires people,” said Minh Anh. Cutting edge fashion in a cutting edge location, if you have an invite to this spectacular show, you are one lucky spectator, my friend!

[Via – Embelezzia and Independent]

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