AMG design wheels, an all-aluminum chassis, and ergonomic seats – This stylish Mercedes-Benz strollers will let you take your little ones around in comfort and style.

Mercedes fans, listen up. Make way for Avantgarde, Performance, and AMG GT not for the dads and moms but their babies instead. Mercedes continues its partnership with Germany’s Hartan for a new collection of unique strollers.

While mommy and daddy enjoy their luxury sedans, babies are grabbing eyeballs, too, with their version of a premium riding experience. The Avantgarde and Performance strollers come upholstered with certified organic cotton and ergonomic seats for steadiness and maneuverability. They are both equipped with an aluminum chassis. The AMG GT model is more fitting for the little racer in your arms. This will immediately remind you of the “Silver Arrow” race cars from the stables of Mercedes. With features like a five-point harness system, magnetic buckles, a height-adjustable handle, a handbrake, and reflectors, they create quite the path-breaking pram that would impress the adults buying it with ease. Also, aesthetics are pleasing with AMG design wheels, a high-quality AMG seat cover, and large, lockable swivel wheels.

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Its slightly bigger counterpart, the Avantgarde, comes in five options of color-matched chassis flaunting the Mercedes-Benz pattern. A magnetic harness is found here, too, along with a double fold-out sun visor. The newest of the lot, the Performance stroller, stands true to its name with the addition of a shopping basket with an organizer bag, and unlike the other two, it is upholstered in Vegan Leatherette. A Bag2Go is common to all three models that can provide essentials like smartphones, keys, wallets, bottles, and anything parents might need for their walk in the park. It can be easily attached to the push handle or carried as a shoulder bag. Expecting parents can purchase the Avantgarde and AMG GT models in Europe, while the Performance model will arrive in spring 2022. The earlier models retailed for nearly $1000, and these are expected to sell in a similar range.

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