Ferrari’s Cavallino T350 headphones

Ferrari is one of the best examples of beautiful engineering. After it reined the roads with its brilliant machinery, it started to get the urge to expand its wings to other sectors where some of its greatness could be imparted. The latest offering in this new hobby is the design of the Ferrari Cavallino T350 Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones. This is designed in a way a person can enjoy listening to their likes in comfort, convenience, and luxury. It features trimmed ear cups and headband in fine leather, ultra-soft ear pads constructed from enhanced breathable materials, and comes with a carry case for additional protection. It also includes a high-efficiency 40mm driver incorporated into a closed-back design with ANC Technology.

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The headphones are adaptable to most of the latest devices and cost $399. Being the Ferrari name could be why it seems to cost a hand a leg for a pair of headphones. But when you have had that bonus of the year and want to get your teenage nephew something, he will proclaim you his favorite aunt/uncle; this is ideal. What is even cooler is that it has the Ferrari stallion in silver, prancing on the earlobes.
[Ferrari-By-Logic3 Via Technabob]

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