FishCam for successful fishing

If you’ve ever fancied a day’s angling but never were keen to take the plunge, then this FishCam will help you out….all the way from ‘baiting the swim’ to ‘playing the fish’. Get a fish-eye view of the world underneath the waves and really see what is going on down there. Learn behavior, check underwater structure, and identify what fish are looking at your bait! The FishCam beams back images from a tiny camera attached to a special float. Anglers with small hand-held TVs can see fish move up to the bait and move their line towards them. Fishermen can also store the images on DVD, to prove their stories about “the one that got away”. It definitely won’t catch more fish for you but it does allow you to watch amazing underwater images of fish and how they behave in there natural environment. You still have to entice them to bite!

This gadget from Korea retails for $362.

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