Fox gets in Motion with Blu-Ray Technology

After color and sound, motion is the next big wave in movie viewing. Motion simulators are not a new concept in the entertainment world. Theme parks and high-end arcades have had incarnations of the motion simulator for years. The D-Box chair is a revolutionary product that adds rumble and shaking effects to your simulated crash, as well as real-time motion, getting you one step closer to actually participating in the action. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is taking high-definition movie viewing to a new level, distributing over the next year 10 to 30 Blu-ray Disc titles pre-loaded with motion-sensor technology that works with D-Box’s line of luxury home theater furniture. Fox has partnered with D-box, the pioneer in this field. D-Box seats synchronize the on-screen motion with the seat. The top-end D-Box furniture option is a $10,000 leather recliner. People also can purchase the less expensive $3,200 D-Box Universal platform, which straps underneath a regular chair for motion sensation.

Presently, D-Box offers motion codes for 630 films and the users need to have a box hooked up to the Internet and their DVD player in order to utilize this system. Fox is the only studio so far to grant titles D-Box treatment, but D-Box and Deluxe officials hope other studios, including HD DVD backers, will contribute movies for motion encoding in the near future. “We want to take this from a niche to mainstream market product,” Randy Berg, Deluxe director of operations said. “Right now, people are spending $10,000 on a high-def TV. And as we expand the market, prices will drop.

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