Fuji collaborates with Michael Kors for a fashionable instant camera

Michael Kors has joined hands with Fujifilm to give his signature stamp to the Japanese company’s popular Instax instant camera. The Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 instant film camera marks Fujifilm’s first-ever fashion collaboration and we can honestly say it looks amazing. The camera is inspired by Kors’ Scout handbag collection and features a sleek gold exterior with the brand logo printed on the front and the designer’s signature on the back.

The INSTAX Mini 70 includes a special selfie mode and a high-performance flash that automatically calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts shutter speeds accordingly. Selfie lovers will adore the smart selfie mode that automatically adjusts settings to capture picture-perfect selfies. Other add-on items created by Michael Kors to use with the camera include an INSTAX photo scrapbook, leather INSTAX photo keychain, and a gold-tone chain camera strap for the camera itself.
“With the popularity of Instagram, there’s been this huge resurgence lately of the film—and I love that. Using instant photography has always been such an integral part of my creative process, whether it’s snapping photos of looks in preparation for the shows or taking behind-the-scenes shots. Now we use the INSTAX Mini everywhere from the runway, to the office, to everyday life. It provides the perfect combination of timeless, tangible photos with fast-paced glamour and modern technology,” said Michael Kors.
Kors’ Scout handbag is crafted from smooth leather and references the shape and style of vintage camera bags. Available in a variety of shades, this is the perfect bag to house your Michael Kors Instax camera. The bag will be available for purchase throughout the holiday season at Michael Kors stores and the brand’s e-commerce site.

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