iPad Pro enswathed in gold, rose gold and platinum, up for pre-orders at Goldgenie

While the iPad Pro may have already got you excited, Goldgenie isn’t wasting any time in ensuring that your elaborate new tablet has touch of luxury to it. The London-based company has launched luxury, customized versions of their device in gold, platinum and rose gold. They’re up for pre-orders with an advance of £967.50 ($1,460) and a full price of about £1,855 ($2,799).

Having a device, this large, completely gilded adds a spell-binding effect to the ensemble. You could also have your very own bespoke rendition made, thanks to Goldgenie providing access to their team of graphical designers who could leverage laser engraving. From a corporate logo to a monogram that is close to your heart, the team will ensure that your device is exclusively crafted for you.

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The specifications are mirrored from the regular iPad Pro, which will arrive with a large 12.9-inch display screen, double the processing power than that of the iPad Air 2, an efficient battery and the ability to facilitate 4K video playback and editing.

Speaking about the launch, Laban Roomes, CEO and Founder of Goldgenie said, “While the iPad has changed the every day landscape, from restaurant menus to important business presentations, and eased the accessibility of learning information, whether it is in schools, exhibitions or merely sitting on the sofa at home, I believe the iPad Pro will bring a powerful dimension of productivity to the tablet that will rival desktop computers and laptops. We will see it in the hands of doctors, architects and film producers and if a productivity powerhouse such as this can be packed into an accessible and mobile tablet form, that is bound to expand the horizons of innovation and creativity as great minds can work on the go.”

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The gilded iPad Pro will be released on 11th November.

[ Available at : Goldgenie ]

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