LG Steam washing machine fuses cutting edge technology and designer looks

Washing machines are not usually something to get excited about, but having inspected LG’s new modish Steam Direct machines; it seems a mechanical device that cleans clothes is indeed worthy of enthusiasm. While the regular models do not stand out particularly in shades of slick black and a metallic light blue as well as white; exclusive to the UK is just 40 models in four styles designed by Designers Guild. The stylish appliances sport four patterned fascias designed by British interior gurus, Guild- Imperial Flower, white beauty with a red floral damask print featured alongside; Cloisonné, a matt black product that’s been spruced up with gloss butterflies and flowers; Sevilla, a fresh green machine with a trailing floral design; and a modern geometric design of graphic circles that goes by the name of Ribailagua. Tricia of Designers Guild concurs, “This machine is very beautiful and it functions like a dream. With a machine like this, you do not have to put it in a cupboard.”

What’s impressive about these washers is that they are functional, better looking than most and crucially, genuinely energy-saving and efficient. Because warm steam cleans the clothes, it uses less water and less energy than traditional machines. In addition to its eco-friendly credentials, steam cleaning also reduces shrinkage and extends the life of threads.
LG Steam Direct Machines are on sale June 2006 from electrical retailers priced approx $1,500(£800). The designer line will set you back by $2,500(£1,300) and will be available from June from Harrods and John Lewis.

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